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Incorporated in 2004, DC Environmental Services Ltd. has been in operation for 14 years. Our company has the ability to provide sewage treatment and sewage containment systems for camps and drilling facilities as needed. We are located in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Services are available to Alberta.


Oil and Gas / Construction Equipment Rentals

DC Environmental Services Ltd is continuously providing exceptional environmental services to our customers regarding equipment rentals.

In operation since 2004, locally owned and operated. DC Environmental Services Ltd. Is committed to protecting the environment, and services for health and safety procedures on all our projects.

Our employees are certified and licensed professionals ready to service and maintain all equipment needed on a 24/7 basis.

  • Mobile Bathrooms with 2 combined his and hers washroom, emergency shower with toilet & Sink. Heated, running hot and cold water. 3.5 cubic feet holding tank.
  • Portable magnum telescopic Lights, mast extends up to 11 feet. 1000w light bulbs, with 2 GFI 120v covered outlets, on off light switch.
  • Sewage Treatment Systems (pump outs) can accommodate 20 person up to 50 person camps heated & insulated
  • Sewage Treatment systems (pump outs) are equipped Ultraviolet Disinfection Lights, effluent membrane filter, aerated with tub diffusers, organic waste digester is added to break down the enzymes, and reduce odour.
  • Sewage Containment tanks are 250 gallons up to 2,500 gallons—fully mobile insulated and heated C-Cans.
  • Sewage Treatment systems (Pump Outs) and Sewage containment system require 4p 4w 100 amp or 4p 4w 60 amp Appleton Receptacle.
  • Potable Water Storage 2,500 gallon insulated and heated C-Cans.
  • Operating equipment in sub-zero conditions.
  • Excellent for all different types of terrain.
  • All C-Cans are 20 feet long with a 24 foot Skid

All Equipment can be utilized in all Industries

Inventory List

  • Mobile Bathrooms
  • Portable Magnum, Light Stands Single 1000 watts Bulbs
  • Sewage Treatment Systems (Pump Outs) – can accommodate up to 50 Man Camp facilities
  • Sewage Treatment System (Pump Outs) - 20 Man Rig site Facilities
  • Sewage Containment Units are 500 gallons to 2,500 gallons Heated C-Cans
  • Potable Water Storage 2,500 gallons Heated C-Cans
  • Light Tower (20kw)
  • Geologist Wash Tank 250 gallons
  • 100 Amp Electrical Pony Panel with light, 5-30 amp plugs, 2-15 amp plugs
  • 30 Amp Electrical Pony Panel 6-15 amp plugs
  • Portia Potties
  • Blow Down Tanks

Available in Alberta

  • Rig Site Facilities
  • Gas Plant Facilities
  • Oilfield/ Seismic Camps
  • Mining/Logging Camps
  • Pipeline Facilities
  • Constructions Sites


  • ISNetworld
  • Comply Works
  • Alberta Association of Safety Partnership (CORE)
  • Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association
  • Better Business Bureau
  • WCB

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18 Schenk Industrial Road, Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 2J9

403-887-5210 Office
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